Consider The Best Subs in Boca Raton For Lunch

best subs in boca raton

It’s that time again. Lunchtime. Now you’re left to ponder the question that everyone has to ask themselves: “What should I have for lunch today?”. This can often be a difficult question with so many different options around. Cannoli Kitchen wants to answer this question for you, and the answer is the best subs in Boca Raton.

You might think “Cannoli Kitchen has the best subs? Aren’t they known for their legendary pizza and cannolis?” Sure, those are both incredible options, but what people often glide over is our incredible Italian subs and sandwiches that will have you coming back every day wanting to try all the different types of subs we offer. We have any type of sub or sandwich you could want, ranging from parmigiana subs to Philly cheesesteaks. With everything Cannoli Kitchen makes, it’s all freshly made to order and taste amazing every time.


The Competition Doesn’t Compare to Cannoli

You don’t have to tell us. You’ve gone to the competition before for a quick sub for lunch and left disappointed. You probably got stale bread and some mystery meat that didn’t quite look or taste like what you were expecting. If you’re tired of having this experience when looking for a good sub or sandwich, stop by Cannoli Kitchen for the best subs in Boca Raton. We promise our fresh ingredients and made-to-order subs won’t disappoint in the slightest. 

When we say we have something that you’ll love, we mean it! Our sub and sandwiches menu has something for anyone and everyone. Feeling something warm and savory? Considering trying one of our made-to-order Philly cheesesteaks. Our Philly cheesesteaks are made with fresh onions and the richest steak around. Combine that with melted cheese on top and you’ll be tasting a little bit of heaven! Maybe you’re feeling something cold and refreshing. In that case, consider trying our signature Italian sub or prosciutto Caprese sub. Our Italian sub is of the tastiest subs on the menu. Made with pepperoni, ham, Genoa salami, and so many other toppings, you’ll be back tomorrow for more!


Stop in for the Best Subs in Boca Raton and More!

Don’t just settle for some generic sub down the road. Satisfy your lunchtime craving with some real ingredients and great taste. We promise our subs are the best subs in Boca Raton and you’ll be craving more every day. Come on in and visit us at our Boca Raton location!