Need Lunch in a Crunch? Cannoli Kitchen Saves the Day

Need Lunch in a Crunch? Cannoli Kitchen Saves the Day

Posted on: May 11, 2022

Need Lunch in a Crunch? Cannoli Kitchen Saves the Day

The workweek can be a hectic time. You never know what tasks can be given to you and how they will affect your day. These different variables can make your lunch break short and rushed, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t have an amazing lunch. When you need lunch in a crunch, Cannoli Kitchen is here for you. 

After a long day of work, you probably want to go home and relax and not have to worry about preparing lunch for the next day. Not preparing lunch then means having to find something quick to eat or not eat at all. We’ve all had those days where we are bogged down with work and that can make eating lunch difficult. Cannoli Kitchen aims to eliminate this problem. 

We provide fast Italian food with only the freshest ingredients. To ensure that we get your order to you in a timely manner, you can always call ahead to place an order for pickup or delivery.

Plenty of Italian Options For Lunch in a Crunch

Just because you need lunch in a crunch, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have plenty of Italian food options. Cannoli Kitchen is proud of its extensive Italian menu that offers customers plenty of different popular options. We wanted to provide you with a menu that would keep you wanting to come back for more. We didn’t want to only provide one category of Italian food as that doesn’t allow us to show off our amazing culinary talent. 

Cannoli Kitchen wants to be the place that you can rely on for lunch in a crunch. Just because we provide fast Italian food, doesn’t mean we rush out food just to move customers along. We take pride in each order we receive and make sure that everything comes out the way you want it. 

Try Pizza, Subs, Pasta, and More!

Cannoli Kitchen offers everything from pizza, subs, pasta, and much more! You’ll never get bored of the different options we offer. If you feel like treating the office, order one of our pizza pies and customize it however you like. Every pizza is made to order so you can rest assured that you’re getting only the freshest pizza in Boca Raton. 

If you’re looking for something more personal, try one of our incredibly fresh hot or cold subs. We offer plenty of different sub-options so we know there’s something for everyone! Choose between different pre-made options like our authentic Philly Cheesesteak sub or our incredibly refreshing prosciutto Caprese sub. If none of these sounds appealing to you, you can also customize and create your own personal sub. 

Cannoli Kitchen Wants To Save Your Lunch Break

Stop eating low-quality food or no food at all during your lunch break. The next time you need lunch in a crunch, look no further than Cannoli Kitchen. Our fresh ingredients and made-to-order options will make you regret not coming here sooner. Visit our contact page today to find a location close to you or to place an order for pick up or delivery!