The Best Cannoli In Boca Raton

There’s only one restaurant to turn to when you want the tastiest cannolis in Boca Raton, and that Italian food restaurant is Cannoli Kitchen! At Cannoli Kitchen, we are dedicated to creating each food item in excellence with only the freshest ingredients used.

What Makes Our Cannolis The Absolute Best?

The cannolis at Cannoli Kitchen are simply the best because we make them fresh for you! We believe in providing the tastiest Italian foods, especially when it comes to our cannolis. Our cannolis are famous for being delicately made and tasting better than any other Italian treat in Boca Raton. For the best cannolis in Boca Raton, you can count on Cannoli Kitchen!

From our original cannolis to our mini cannolis to our chocolate cannolis and mini chocolate cannolis, we offer a variety of choices to satisfy your taste buds when you are craving a delicious treat as sweet as a cannoli!

Original Cannoli Boca Raton

At Cannoli Kitchen, we offer the best original cannolis in Boca Raton. There simply is no better-made cannoli in town! We freshly prepare our cannolis so that you can taste them while they are just made for you! With mini chocolate chips placed over the cream on both ends of the original cannoli, we simply perfect the idea of a delicious cannoli.

Original Mini Cannoli Boca Raton

If you are in the mood for a small treat for yourself and don’t want to indulge in a full original cannoli, then our original mini cannolis make excellent options. These little mini creations of deliciousness can also be a great idea when you want to bring a treat in for the whole team, staff, or party at an event or dinner.

Chocolate Cannoli Boca Raton

As if the original cannoli wasn’t scrumptious enough, Cannoli Kitchen also offers a chocolate cannoli to get your taste buds screaming for more. These chocolate cannolis have a special chocolate shell in place of our traditional cannoli shell but have the same sweet cream in the center with mini chocolate chips scattered on both ends. This is for the chocolate lover and those with a sweet tooth!

Chocolate Mini Cannoli

Just like our original mini cannolis, we also offer a chocolate mini cannoli! When you want to add some options for others to choose from, you can grab mixed mini cannolis to share at an event or party. Our chocolate mini cannolis are fantastic because they provide that sweet taste you crave and spice up your traditional cannoli!

…And Tiramisu Boca Raton!

Cannoli Kitchen also offers tiramisu at both locations. When you want more than a cannoli, we provide you with this luxurious Italian food dessert just for you! At our West Boca Raton location, we also offer Italian ice and cheesecake. What could be better than the best Italian desserts and Italian food in Boca Raton? It’s certainly better when it’s delicious, fast Italian food at your convenience!!