Tiramisu – Cannoli Kitchen Menu Spotlight

Tiramisu – Cannoli Kitchen Menu Spotlight

Posted on: March 17, 2020

It’s one of the sweetest desserts you can find in an Italian restaurant, and to many, it’s the best. Tiramisu is a layered cake that has been on menus for at least three decades. Most culinary chefs agree it’ll likely live on as a popular delicacy for years to come. Apart from their cannolis, Cannoli Kitchen in Boca Raton is notorious for its tiramisus. Many customers leave the restaurant satisfied as they’ve finished a heavy meal completed with cannolis and a small yet hearty serving of tiramisu. You can arguably say that tiramisu is one of the most popular desserts to exist in the Italian world of food. But what makes this dessert so good? And where does it originate?

What is tiramisu?

From Italian to English, tiramisu translates to “pick me up.” Tiramisu received its name due to the energy inducing ingredients in it: eggs, sugar, and espresso-soaked ladyfingers. Through a careful procedure of layering sweet custard (made with mascarpone cheese) and ladyfingers, tiramisu is able to receive its signature look.

At most Italian dinners, sweet fruits were eaten at the end of meals as opposed to desserts. The reason why is because desserts were reserved for special occasions and tiramisu would sometimes be used for the most luxurious of occasions.

While eating tiramisu, you can expect a lustrous palette of flavors entering your mouth. This is because tiramisu was created to encompass the flavors of many Italian regions. So when you’re eating tiramisu, you’re actually getting a small sample of what most of Italy’s food has to offer.

Tiramisu Origins

Tiramisu first boomed in America during the 1980s when it was first served in restaurants in San Francisco. Slowly but surely, the dessert would spread its domination from the west coast across all of America. But where did this sweet cake come from?

Supposedly, the earliest account of this food traces back to the town of Treviso, Italy. There it was created by the owners of a small restaurant named Le Beccherie. The owners, Alba and Ado Campeol, have expressed their regret in not patenting the name and recipe. Patenting the name didn’t just mean rightful ownership but also less speculation on the guesses of the origin and what the real recipe is. In an interview, Alba explained she received the idea for the dessert after the birth of one of her children. Alba’s infant step-child was weak in bed and so she concocted a dessert spiked with coffee to give the child energy.

Get Your Tiramisu in Boca Raton at Cannoli Kitchen

If you’re looking to get your tiramisu fix, come down to Cannoli Kitchen in Boca Raton. Cannoli Kitchen offers specialty Italian foods for you to enjoy and has a wide array of menu options to choose from. To place an order, call us at 561-955-8880 or visit our “order online” page HERE.