What Makes Cannoli Kitchen Salads Better?

cannoli kitchen salads better

What Makes Cannoli Kitchen Salads Better?

The salad has been a staple in lunch and dinner-time food items for a long time. It’s served as both an appetizer, side, and the main course and it succeeds in each category. While it may seem like a salad can’t be improved or made better, it definitely can. The salad bowl is a blank canvas ready to be filled with different ingredients to create a masterpiece. However, if the ingredients you use aren’t quality ingredients, you’ll end up with something that no one wants. That’s why Cannoli Kitchen only uses the freshest ingredients, to ensure that each salad we create is nothing short of a masterpiece. 

Cannoli Kitchen takes great pride in all of the amazing Italian food we make. That includes our salads. You may be wondering, what makes Cannoli Kitchen salads better? Well, a magician never reveals their secret, but we’ll tell you what we do in order to create a better salad that is craved by people all over Boca Raton. 

Fresh, Quality Ingredients

The first step in creating any great salad is the ingredients. The better the ingredients, the better the salad will be. That is why Cannoli Kitchen only uses the freshest, most natural ingredients available. Using these incredible ingredients only amplifies the amazing flavors that we incorporate into our savory salads. Everything from our crisp green romaine lettuce to our sweet and crunchy tomatoes, we make sure every ingredient is fresh and ready to use. 

Amazing Choices

Salads are an amazing choice of food, but in order to be something that people come back for, you need to have amazing choices that everyone will want to try. Cannoli Kitchen offers plenty of different salad choices, each as good as the next. For example, our nutritious and fresh Power Kale Salad will keep you going throughout the day. Made with kale, spinach, grilled zucchini, roasted tomatoes, sunflower seeds, and peppers, and topped with our homemade balsamic dressing, this is a salad you’ll want every day. This, our sweet and savory arugula gorgonzola salad, and so much more are waiting for you here in Boca Raton at Cannoli Kitchen. 

Incredible Service

With any restaurant, the food is only as good as the service, and Cannoli Kitchen does its best to excel in this category. Sometimes, we don’t feel like moving to get food, and that’s ok! We offer a full delivery service for all of our food. We’ll bring it to you the next time you don’t feel like moving. 

Visit Cannoli Kitchen Today!

Stop settling for less-than-average food and come experience true Italian food. We’re ready to provide you with the best salad in Boca Raton, along with our other amazing Italian options. Visit our contact page to find a location closest to you. 

Need Lunch in a Crunch? Cannoli Kitchen Saves the Day

Lunch in a Crunch

Need Lunch in a Crunch? Cannoli Kitchen Saves the Day

The workweek can be a hectic time. You never know what tasks can be given to you and how they will affect your day. These different variables can make your lunch break short and rushed, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t have an amazing lunch. When you need lunch in a crunch, Cannoli Kitchen is here for you. 

After a long day of work, you probably want to go home and relax and not have to worry about preparing lunch for the next day. Not preparing lunch then means having to find something quick to eat or not eat at all. We’ve all had those days where we are bogged down with work and that can make eating lunch difficult. Cannoli Kitchen aims to eliminate this problem. 

We provide fast Italian food with only the freshest ingredients. To ensure that we get your order to you in a timely manner, you can always call ahead to place an order for pickup or delivery.

Plenty of Italian Options For Lunch in a Crunch

Just because you need lunch in a crunch, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have plenty of Italian food options. Cannoli Kitchen is proud of its extensive Italian menu that offers customers plenty of different popular options. We wanted to provide you with a menu that would keep you wanting to come back for more. We didn’t want to only provide one category of Italian food as that doesn’t allow us to show off our amazing culinary talent. 

Cannoli Kitchen wants to be the place that you can rely on for lunch in a crunch. Just because we provide fast Italian food, doesn’t mean we rush out food just to move customers along. We take pride in each order we receive and make sure that everything comes out the way you want it. 

Try Pizza, Subs, Pasta, and More!

Cannoli Kitchen offers everything from pizza, subs, pasta, and much more! You’ll never get bored of the different options we offer. If you feel like treating the office, order one of our pizza pies and customize it however you like. Every pizza is made to order so you can rest assured that you’re getting only the freshest pizza in Boca Raton. 

If you’re looking for something more personal, try one of our incredibly fresh hot or cold subs. We offer plenty of different sub-options so we know there’s something for everyone! Choose between different pre-made options like our authentic Philly Cheesesteak sub or our incredibly refreshing prosciutto Caprese sub. If none of these sounds appealing to you, you can also customize and create your own personal sub. 

Cannoli Kitchen Wants To Save Your Lunch Break

Stop eating low-quality food or no food at all during your lunch break. The next time you need lunch in a crunch, look no further than Cannoli Kitchen. Our fresh ingredients and made-to-order options will make you regret not coming here sooner. Visit our contact page today to find a location close to you or to place an order for pick up or delivery!

Why Fresh Ingredients Are So Important

Why Fresh Ingredients Are So Important

Why Fresh Ingredients Are So Important

As time goes on, more and more people have begun to crack down on establishments that don’t use fresh ingredients. Visiting an establishment that uses fresh ingredients provides an elevated experience and aesthetic. There are even restaurants that will pretend or say they use fresh ingredients to bring in more customers. Fresh ingredients are something that can’t be mimicked or replaced.

That’s what makes places like Cannoli Kitchen so popular. Cannoli Kitchen makes sure to use the freshest, local ingredients for every meal we make. Why do these ingredients matter so much? Wouldn’t buying produce at the local market be the same as buying it from a local farm? The quick answer is no, There are a few reasons why buying local, fresh ingredients is the most important of any recipe you make. 

Taste The Difference With Fresh Ingredients

Having to eat food used to be a utilitarian action since food equals fuel. Today, cooking and eating are much more than that. It can be seen as a sensory experience similar to watching a show or listening to music. The quality of ingredients used can be the difference between an amazing-tasting salad and a bland, tasteless salad. 

This is why Cannoli Kitchen only uses the freshest ingredients for each order we make. Fresh ingredients make the meat juicier, vegetables more vibrant, and sauces more flavorful. When the best ingredients are used, there’s no need to overcompensate. We let our food do the talking. 

Support Local Farmers

Farmers are the backbone of all the different foods we eat. Purchasing from local farmers supports them and allows them to continue to produce amazing ingredients. Not buying local produce would leave us with monolithic agriculture and lackluster ingredients. 

Better For Your Body

Eating fresh ingredients is better for your taste buds and local farmers. It’s always much better for our bodies. In massive agriculture practices, produce and other foods are sprayed down with chemicals, and animals are given steroids and hormones in order to keep up with demand. 

These ingredients are also harvested before they are fully ripe so they will travel better. This means you are losing nutrients and taste and consuming unnecessary chemicals and hormones. 

Better For The Planet

Using local products puts an emphasis on local sourcing. Massive shipments of ingredients require the use of ships and planes that consume massive amounts of fuel. This has a huge negative impact on the environment. 

Come Experience Fresh Ingredients Today

These are only a few of the reasons why fresh ingredients are so much better for you and the world around you. Come experience fresh ingredients and amazing food at Cannoli Kitchen today!

Looking for the Best Food in Boca Raton?

Italian Restaurants In West Boca Raton

Are you on lunch break? Looking for some great lunch in Boca Raton? No matter the reason, your hunger needs to be tamed. Boca Raton has several different options to choose from, but only one will provide you with the freshest food around. Cannoli Kitchen is ready to serve you the best food in Boca Raton. No matter what you’re looking for, Cannoli Kitchen is sure to have it. Try our world-famous pizzas or one of our freshly made hot subs. We know we’ll have something that everyone will love.

Hand-Crafted Pizza

Are you craving a pizza that will fulfill your hunger? Cannoli Kitchen has exactly what you need. We offer a variety of different pizzas to choose from and we can even deliver them. People love our pizza and they’re always coming back to try the different options we have. If we don’t have a pizza that matches your needs, let us know and we’ll make a custom one. All of our pizzas are made to order and contain only the finest ingredients. We want all of our customers to leave happy and satisfied. 

We aim to have the best food in Boca Raton and that can only be achieved by making sure the whole experience is amazing. Our professional staff will make sure that all of your needs are taken care of.

The Best Food in Boca Raton: Subs & Sandwiches

You can never go wrong with an amazing sub or sandwich for lunch and Cannoli Kitchen has just what you need. We offer cold, hot, and zesty subs that will have you coming back to try them all. Having the best food in Boca Raton means our subs had to stand out from the crowd. Sure, there are other sub-options, but we guarantee that none of them will be as fresh or tasteful as the one you’ll get with us. 

Our amazing menu features options like parmigiana subs, Philly cheesesteak, sausage and peppers, and so much more. 

Feeling Something Sweet?

Once you’re done with your main course, consider a sweet treat to finish it off. We aren’t called Cannoli Kitchen for nothing. Our award-winning cannolis are amazing and they’re made fresh every day. The original cannoli is the best you can get in Boca Raton and we know you’ll taste the difference.

Come Get The Best Food in Boca Raton

Stop running on empty and come get the best food in Boca Raton. Cannoli Kitchen wants to be your spot for amazing, fresh food that you’ll love. Visit one of our locations today.

Catering Italian Food in Boca Raton? Try Cannoli Kitchen

Catering Italian Food in Boca Raton

Are you hosting an event with lots of people? Throwing a party for the upcoming super bowl? If that’s the case, that means there will be a lot of mouths to feed as well. Preparing food for a crowd that large can be exhausting, time-consuming, and pricy. Instead, have Cannoli Kitchen prepare the food for you. We’ve been catering Italian food in Boca Raton for over 20 years. Our amazing Italian food is perfect for any party or corporate event. We know our catering menu will have something for everyone. 

Why Choose Cannoli Kitchen for Catering Italian Food in Boca Raton?

Cannoli Kitchen’s goal since the day the doors were opened was to provide quality Italian food, made fresh every day from fresh ingredients. We have stood by and accomplished this goal and now we want you to enjoy our food even if it’s outside our restaurant. 

We believe that no matter the event, your guests should enjoy amazing food. There’s no better way for you and your guests to bond than enjoying amazing food together. Our large catering menu is sure to have something that everyone will enjoy. We have a long list of different kinds of pasta including lasagna and baked ziti. For those looking for something sweet, we also offer our famous cannolis and tiramisu. If you’re having a large event for a sports event, we also cater amazing subs and wings that everyone is sure to enjoy. 

Save Time and Money

Throwing a party or holding an event should be a time to look forward to rather than dreading. We know that planning a party and making sure everything is perfect can be taxing. Don’t add food and refreshments to that long list of things to get done.

Cannoli Kitchen is here to help you. We’ll make sure that the food you order to make on the day of the event and that it’s there on time and ready to eat. We will also help you set everything up so you never have to worry about making sure the food is perfect at your next event. Catering Italian food in Boca Raton with Cannoli Kitchen will save you time and stress.

Let’s Get to Catering

Catering Italian food in Boca Raton is a decision you won’t regret. Our incredible team of chefs will make sure the food you get is fresh and tastes amazing. Make your next event one to remember. If you’re ready to cater Italian food in Boca Raton or you have any questions, visit our online contact page and we’ll get to work. 

Cannoli Kitchen: The Best Cannoli in Boca Raton

Best Cannoli in Boca Raton

There’s something about a cannoli that can’t be found in any other dessert. Its hard, crunchy shell and soft, savory inside is something only a cannoli can give you. While cannolis themselves are something amazing, they’re only as good as the place you get them from. That’s why if you’re looking for an amazing cannoli, you’ll find the best cannoli in Boca Raton right at Cannoli Kitchen. We wouldn’t name ourselves after the dessert unless we were able to provide something that would have you coming back for more. Every cannoli we produce is made with excellence and the freshest ingredients. 

Cannoli Kitchen offers a variety of cannolis too. We wouldn’t have the best cannoli in Boca Raton unless we had something that everyone liked. Discover some of the amazing flavors you can find at Cannoli Kitchen!

The Original Cannoli

You can’t ever go wrong with the classics. Our original cannoli is everything you could want from a cannoli. Each one is prepared and made fresh in-store so you’ll never get a stale cannoli that tastes like it’s been sitting out for hours. We couldn’t be the best cannoli in Boca Raton if we provide such quality. Our cannolis are made with a fresh shell and stuffed with cream. Both ends are then covered in chocolate chips to give you the best tasting cannoli possible.

Chocolate Cannoli

If you have a love for cannolis but want to try something a little different, we have the amazing chocolate cannoli. With a more rich flavor, our chocolate cannoli is meant for those who want even more rich flavor and amazing taste. While the inside is the same as our original cannoli, the chocolate cannoli features an amazing chocolate shell that will have you wanting more.

Mini Cannolis

For both of these amazing flavors, we also offer them in a mini form. These mini cannolis are perfect for when you want a light but amazing snack, or just dont have the room for the full-size one. These mini cannolis are also the perfect dessert to bring to a party or for everyone at the office. 

Other Amazing Desserts in Store

While we are known for the best cannoli in Boca Raton, we also have a variety of different desserts for you to try, all as good as our cannolis! 

Stop by Cannoli Kitchen Today!

Cannoli Kitchen has something for everyone! Have the best cannoli in Boca Raton after you finish our other amazing Italian food options. If you’re feeling hungry, stop by Cannoli Kitchen today.

What Cannoli Kitchen Boca Pizza Do You Need To Try?

Italian Restaurants In West Boca Raton

Here at Cannoli Kitchen, we pride ourselves on making the best pie you’ll have your entire life. Whether you’re someone that likes a classic style pizza with just cheese, or you’re looking for a whole new experience, we’ve got you covered. Planning on stopping by for a Boca pizza slice on your lunch break, or looking for dinner for the whole family? Then these are the Cannoli Kitchen pizzas you NEED to try!

  1. Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

Is a pizza still a pizza without the marinara sauce? This one is. Our chicken bacon ranch pizza takes you on a savory journey of ranch, bacon, and strips of crispy chicken, all combining together to make you wonder why you hadn’t tried it sooner. As one of our most nontraditional pies we offer, we recommend trying a slice the next time you stop in—who knows, you may just want two.

  1. Lasagna Pizza

Get the best of both worlds in pizza and pasta with our lasagna pizza. With a thick layer of fresh ricotta and mozzarella, and a hearty bolognese that will leave your mouth salivating just at the thought of it. Just be prepared to loosen that belt a few notches and to sit back for a couple of hours!

  1. The Sicilian

As traditional as it gets, our Sicilian is second to none. Rich and fluffy, our Sicilian pizza is as true as they come, drawing inspiration right from the streets of Sicily directly to Boca Raton. Enjoy a real Sicilian pizza, right here in your backyard.

  1. Grandma’s Pie

Grandma’s favorite. Made with our homemade marinara, fresh mozzarella, grated parmesan, fresh basil, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, and a whole lot of love. We don’t know where we’d be without this local favorite. If you’re stopping by for a slice, make sure to get here or early or you might just miss it. 

  1. All Of Them!

Lets face it: you’ve got to try every pizza we have! If you’re just visiting for a business trip or you live here all year long, you’ve got to get your hands on every pie we’ve got on the menu. From our crispy chicken parm pizza, to the sweetness of our Hawaiian, you’ll never go wrong. If you’re ready to give your taste buds the gift of our pizza, order online today!

Consider The Best Subs in Boca Raton For Lunch

best subs in boca raton

It’s that time again. Lunchtime. Now you’re left to ponder the question that everyone has to ask themselves: “What should I have for lunch today?”. This can often be a difficult question with so many different options around. Cannoli Kitchen wants to answer this question for you, and the answer is the best subs in Boca Raton.

You might think “Cannoli Kitchen has the best subs? Aren’t they known for their legendary pizza and cannolis?” Sure, those are both incredible options, but what people often glide over is our incredible Italian subs and sandwiches that will have you coming back every day wanting to try all the different types of subs we offer. We have any type of sub or sandwich you could want, ranging from parmigiana subs to Philly cheesesteaks. With everything Cannoli Kitchen makes, it’s all freshly made to order and taste amazing every time.


The Competition Doesn’t Compare to Cannoli

You don’t have to tell us. You’ve gone to the competition before for a quick sub for lunch and left disappointed. You probably got stale bread and some mystery meat that didn’t quite look or taste like what you were expecting. If you’re tired of having this experience when looking for a good sub or sandwich, stop by Cannoli Kitchen for the best subs in Boca Raton. We promise our fresh ingredients and made-to-order subs won’t disappoint in the slightest. 

When we say we have something that you’ll love, we mean it! Our sub and sandwiches menu has something for anyone and everyone. Feeling something warm and savory? Considering trying one of our made-to-order Philly cheesesteaks. Our Philly cheesesteaks are made with fresh onions and the richest steak around. Combine that with melted cheese on top and you’ll be tasting a little bit of heaven! Maybe you’re feeling something cold and refreshing. In that case, consider trying our signature Italian sub or prosciutto Caprese sub. Our Italian sub is of the tastiest subs on the menu. Made with pepperoni, ham, Genoa salami, and so many other toppings, you’ll be back tomorrow for more!


Stop in for the Best Subs in Boca Raton and More!

Don’t just settle for some generic sub down the road. Satisfy your lunchtime craving with some real ingredients and great taste. We promise our subs are the best subs in Boca Raton and you’ll be craving more every day. Come on in and visit us at our Boca Raton location!

Must Try Italian Desserts

cannolis from Cannoli Kitchen

While we’re locally known for award winning pizzas, pastas, and wings, Cannoli Kitchen offers some of the best Italian style desserts you’ll find in South Florida. By using the freshest ingredients and true original recipes, we proudly serve authentic desserts made by hand daily. When it comes to our desserts, we don’t cut corners or use store bought materials, which are guaranteed to take your taste buds on a journey they may never forget. 


If it’s in the name it’s got to be good, right? Our cannolis are the best you’ll find in South Florida bar none. Precisely deep fried pastry and our one of a kind sweet cream filling, you won’t find a cannoli around like ours. We’ve spent years perfecting the shape, texture, filling, and taste, all combining together to create a culinary experience unlike any other. If you’re visiting Cannoli Kitchen, you can’t leave without one.

In fact, if you’re looking for a richer experience, we also offer a chocolate cannoli that’s guaranteed to blow you away the moment you take your first bite.


An Italian dessert created from tradition, our tiramisu needs no introduction. Made from mascarpone cheese and coffee dipped ladyfingers, you won’t experience a finer dessert. Whether you need a nice after-meal dessert to finish it off or something to celebrate a birthday with, you’ll find it with Cannoli Kitchen’s tiramisu.

Italian Ice

Hot South Florida day got you sweating the second you leave the house? Visit us for an Italian ice! Originally known as granita in Sicily, Italian ice made its way as Italian immigrants made their way over to America in the late 1800s, early 1900s. Today, it’s still the perfect treat to cool your body temperature. We offer chocolate, mango, pina colada, coconut, lemon, cherry, watermelon, cotton candy, and strawberry flavors.


While close to ice cream, gelato is a completely different experience. Made with 70% less air than most ice creams, it has a density and flavor that distinguishes itself completely. Some of our most popular flavors include vanilla bean, belgian dark chocolate, caramel macchiato, crema siciliana, cookies & cream cheesecake, sorbet, and raspberry chocolate.

If you’re looking for the best Italian desserts in Boca Raton look no further than Cannoli Kitchen. We pride ourselves on offering a truly authentic Italian dining experience from start to finish. Order online or give us a call to place your order today and experience the freshest Italian desserts and food Boca Raton has to offer.

Kick Off The 2021 Football Season With Cannoli Kitchen

2021 football sunday pizza wings

The 2021 football season is almost here, which means it’s time to have a kickoff party! Whether you’re watching at home or tailgating at the stadium, you’ve got to have the right food for the occasion. Thankfully, you can count on Cannoli Kitchen to cater your kickoff event every Sunday, even bye week. While you and your party might root for the same team, chances are everyone wants to eat something different. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered all season long. 


Our bread and butter, we’ve got pizzas to cover everyone’s preferences. From traditional cheese to Hawaiian for those that believe pineapple does belong on pizza, Cannoli Kitchen has what you’re looking for. Some of most popular pies for big events include:

  • -Grandma’s Pie (homemade marinara, fresh mozzarella, grated parmesan cheese, basil, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil)
  • -Meat Pizza (ham, pepperoni, sausage)
  • -Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza (crispy chicken, bacon, fresh mozzarella, and ranch sauce)
  • -Philly Cheese Steak Pizza (shaved ribeye sautéed with onions, peppers, and mushrooms topped with mozzarella)

We also offer Build Your Own Pizza options as well, you can view our toppings here.


Nothing goes better than football and some wings. Enjoy our hand breaded jumbo wings tossed in mild medium, hot, asian, bbq, or Italian style sauces, all guaranteed to blow you away the moment you take your first bite. If you’re looking for a guaranteed game changer for your Kickoff party, then you need our wings. We offer 10, 15, 25, and 50 wings, as well as catering pages for larger parties. 


Hosting a big party for the first game of the season? Cannoli Kitchen has your back. We offer a variety of pasta catering options that are perfect for feeding everyone. From lasagna to chicken parmesan, chicken alfredo and shrimp scampi, or baked ziti, we’ve got it all. For all pasta catering options, contact your Cannoli Kitchen location today 


What better way to round out your football Sunday than to have some traditional Italian desserts on standby? With cannolis that will blow you away, to a tiramisu that’s to die for, you can’t go wrong. The sweet tooths at your party will have a hard time just having one, let alone staying away from having their first one after a huge meal. We also offer the following desserts as well:

  • -Chocolate Cannolis
  • -Brownies
  • -Baklava
  • -Cheesecake
  • -Italian Ice
  • -Gelato

Make this a Sunday to remember with good football and good food to go along with it. Order Cannoli Kitchen online or give us a call to place your order today!