Cannoli Kitchen’s Catering Services For Your Holiday Party

Cannoli Kitchen’s Catering Services For Your Holiday Party

Posted on: December 1, 2020

The holidays are here and you know what that means. Holiday parties are fast-approaching, and you’re going to need all the help you can get with preparations. Especially when it comes to food, one of the most important aspects required for a party. But there’s no reason to fret over making food. Instead, you can make it much easier for yourself when you hire a catering service. And if you happen to need one in the city of Boca Raton, then don’t hesitate at all in hiring the professionals over at Cannoli Kitchen. To learn more about what foods we can provide you with as well as why you should choose us for our holiday catering services, continue reading below.

Foods Provided By Cannoli Kitchen With Their Holiday Catering Services

While most other restaurants and catering services will have a small limited menu, we here at Cannoli Kitchen actually offer customers the chance to order from a myriad of options. Our catering menu holds some of the most admired menu items of Cannoli Kitchen. Some of them include:


Cannoli Kitchen’s holiday catering menu has a full page of starters/appetizers for you to choose from. For a classic Italian treat, you can never go wrong with ordering mozzarella sticks. Or for any seafood lovers attending your party, you have to order one or more plates of our breaded shrimp. But when you definitely want to appease your guests’ appetites, our award-winning buffalo wing platter is an absolute must.

Our buffalo wings are cooked to perfection and are served with a blue cheese dipping sauce. And if these wings are too spicy for young guests, you can also choose to order our chicken finger platter as well.


Out of all the guests that are coming to your party, you’ll very likely have vegetarian attendees. So to be prepared for their arrival, make sure you order one of our salads.

Our salad menu is diverse and will allow you, as the host, to appease any of your guests’ sense of taste. We have everything in Italian style salads ranging from Caprese to arugula gorgonzola salad.

Entrees & Pasta

Our Holiday catering entrees and pastas are amongst the most flavorful and hearty in all of South Florida, making them the ideal food items to help fill your guests’ stomachs.

All of the entrees of our holiday catering services are offered with the choice of chicken or veal. If you want eggplant parmigiana, marsala, francese, or any other similar item with either a chicken or veal variation, you can trust that we can provide it for you.

And when it comes to pasta, you’ll be happy to know we have the best there is. No matter if you want fettucini alfredo or homemade gnocchi, we can cook it to perfection for you.

Call Cannoli Kitchen Today For Their Holiday Catering Services!

Don’t hesitate in calling Cannoli Kitchen for their holiday catering services today! Cannoli Kitchen is recognized as the premier Italian restaurant of South Florida. When you choose from their amazing selection of Italian food for your holiday party, we feel more than confident that your taste buds will thank you as you’re added to our growing list of satisfied customers. For any inquiries, you may call Cannoli Kitchen at (561) 955-8880 or visit our contact page.