Cannoli Kitchen: The Best Cannoli in Boca Raton

There’s something about a cannoli that can’t be found in any other dessert. Its hard, crunchy shell and soft, savory inside is something only a cannoli can give you. While cannolis themselves are something amazing, they’re only as good as the place you get them from. That’s why if you’re looking for an amazing cannoli, […]

What Cannoli Kitchen Boca Pizza Do You Need To Try?

Here at Cannoli Kitchen, we pride ourselves on making the best pie you’ll have your entire life. Whether you’re someone that likes a classic style pizza with just cheese, or you’re looking for a whole new experience, we’ve got you covered. Planning on stopping by for a Boca pizza slice on your lunch break, or […]

Consider The Best Subs in Boca Raton For Lunch

It’s that time again. Lunchtime. Now you’re left to ponder the question that everyone has to ask themselves: “What should I have for lunch today?”. This can often be a difficult question with so many different options around. Cannoli Kitchen wants to answer this question for you, and the answer is the best subs in […]

Must Try Italian Desserts

While we’re locally known for award winning pizzas, pastas, and wings, Cannoli Kitchen offers some of the best Italian style desserts you’ll find in South Florida. By using the freshest ingredients and true original recipes, we proudly serve authentic desserts made by hand daily. When it comes to our desserts, we don’t cut corners or […]