All About Italian Ice

All About Italian Ice

Posted on: September 30, 2020

Italian Ice is certainly a delectable treat that just about anyone can enjoy. This Italian sweet is especially enjoyable during hot days. And if you happen to live in Boca Raton in South Florida, you may just be lucky enough to have Cannoli Kitchen nearby, where you can purchase your own quality Italian Ice.

Italian Ice is an absolute favorite amongst foodies and it’s often added to many restaurant menus across the nation, regardless if they’re Italian restaurants or not. And while it may seem like a relatively contemporary invention, it may surprise you to know that it’s actually over a century old. And it’s original origins trace back way farther back than that.

If you’re curious to learn more about the history of Italian Ice, then continue reading below.

The History of Italian Ice

Before Italian Ice, There Was Granita

The Italian Ice you know today has origins tracing as far back as ancient Mesopotamia (roughly 4,000 years ago!). But back then, it wasn’t called Italian Ice. In fact, it was named Granita, an icy treat enjoyed by royals. And while you may think it’s impossible to create such a cold food item back then, since refrigerators hadn’t existed yet, ancient individuals had found ways to ice their consumables.

In ancient Mesopotamia, couriers would travel about 100 kilometers just to get snow and ice for cooling royal drinks. This practice would be adopted by Roman patricians a millennia later and then eventually would make its way to Sicily.

In the Middle Ages, Sicilians would purchase Mt Etna snow from a nevarolu, a man who collected it in the winter and stored it caves to prevent it from melting. the snow would be packaged in jute bags and covered with ferns and straw during transport so that the snow could maintain its form in order for it to be turned into an icy treat.

During the Arab conquest of Sicily in the 9th century, sugarcane and lemons were introduced to the region. And as a result, the locals began mixing in these ingredients with honey, aromatic herbs, and spices together with snow. This concoction would lead to the invention of Italian granita, and then eventually to – you guessed it – Italian Ice.

The Italian Ice We Know Today

Documents seem to indicate that the first Italian Ice to be made and sold here in America began in New Jersey in 1915. In this year, on one particular day, Caterina Di Cosmo had grown nostalgic for Italian granitas back in her hometown.

In an attempt to beat the heat, Di Cosmo had decided to recreate this treat by not just simply adding flavor to ice, but by freezing a liquid concoction while mixing it. Through this attempt, the Italian Ice was born.

Ever since then, Italian Ice has grown to become a very popular icy treat enjoyed by millions. Almost every corner you turn at in a downtown area is sure to sell Italian Ice for those who need to chill. And if you happen to be in the Boca Raton area in South Florida, you can always rely on Cannoli Kitchen to help you beat the heat with their quality Italian Ice. Their Italian Ice is made from fresh ingredients used every day. So when you order your Italian Ice from Cannoli Kitchen, you’ll surely be tasting the absolute best icy sweet treat around.

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