The History of The Calzone

Many foods dominate the menus of various Italian restaurants. Spaghetti, lasagna, and, perhaps the most popular of them all, pizza. But there’s one item – an enigma so strange that it’s become popular on many Italian-American menus – that you might see being carried down the sidewalk by a random citizen. What you see being […]

Where Did Pizza Come From?

As one of the world’s most popular foods, our pizza obsession is pretty intense. We eat pizza everywhere; at home, in restaurants and even on street corners. About three billion pizzas are sold each year in the United States alone, which is an average of 46 slices per person. Pizza is such a staple not […]

The Cannoli and It’s Rich History

Besides tiramisu, is there any other Italian dessert as popular as the cannoli? The cannoli, the singular version being cannolo, is a Silician dessert that is believed to have come from the Palmero and Messina regions. Meaning “little tube” in Sicilian, the cannoli ranges in size from “cannulicchi”, which is no bigger than a finger […]

Top Pasta Dishes at Cannoli Kitchen

  Cannoli Kitchen is not only one of the best Italian Restaurants in Boca Raton offers a large variety of cannolis, pasta, pizza, and so much more. Our pasta selection features a variety of dishes that you are sure to love. If you are in Boca Raton and looking for an authentic Italian pasta dish, […]